Using the Minor Arcana to Build a Timeframe.

Ceremonial magicians the world over are more than familiar with the Tarot, many being responsible for the understandings of the cards that folks have today. One of the more interesting things that Tarot has been connected to is the summoning and conversing with of various entities such as angels or deities. Using one particular system […]

A Method for Giving a Timeframe in a Tarot Reading

Events can be either easy or hard to predict, depending on your reading style, which should go without saying. That being said, it’s not just the what that folks have issues with. One of the biggest pains in the butt can be the when. This is something that more than more than a few tarot […]

Elemental Correlations

In the Tarot, the four elements are usually trying to tell the reader more than people initially realise. While the cards do have their individual meanings, card combinations can often provide more nuggets of information than most people seem to pick up on. There are a lot of folks that know how individual card combinations […]

Thou Shalt Not Speak in Absolutes

The hardest thing in the world that I’ve ever had to accept is that there is very little that is certain in life. The second hardest thing is that nothing is absolute. Nothing. The only absolute in the universe is an oxymoron. I almost take this as evidence that the universe has a sense of […]

3+4=Victory! Short and random thoughts on The Chariot.

How the Emperor and Empress grant Victory With the Emperor representing the personal drive to get things done and the Empress representing patience and willingness to give what is needed, you have a very interesting balance there. Patience and vigour Shiva and Shakti Masculine drive and feminine drive. Venus and Mars. This particular combination of […]

Selling your soul: Reading for cash Pt 2

Pt 2. Other Peoples Issues. Here, I’m going to look at a few of the reasons that people assume that to charge for using a spiritual gift or talent is wrong. A few people may find themselves uncomfortable with what is written here as it may be a little close to the truth. The first […]

Selling your soul: Reading for cash Pt 1.

Pt 1. A Rather Simple Question. As a tarot reader, I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of spiritually minded people with their own unique gifts and their own viewpoints on all things spiritual. There are a few commonalities though. A common line that I’ve heard many people use in regards to charging for tarot […]

Significators: Their Uses and Problems

There are a lot of folks that use a significator in their readings in order to clarify who they’re reading for, or alternatively, why they’re doing the reading This card is picked before the actual reading is begun. significators provide a definite focus for the reading and provide context for which the other cards can […]