Thou Shalt Not Speak in Absolutes

The hardest thing in the world that I’ve ever had to accept is that there is very little that is certain in life.

The second hardest thing is that nothing is absolute.


The only absolute in the universe is an oxymoron. I almost take this as evidence that the universe has a sense of humour like mine.

Allowing a client to believe that there is nothing that they can do to change what has been revealed in a reading is, I feel, not only unprofessional but also absolutely false. There’s not only that, but telling a client that they are powerless is the height of cruelty, as it takes stabs at their free will. All people have power over their own future, whether good or bad. There will be many that are wanting to be told that their problems are unsolvable, but there are usually two kinds of people that are wanting this.

The first kind are too lazy to want to deal with their problems. They don’t want to try and better their situations.Reading for these people is a nightmare as they know what’s coming as well as you do but won’t do anything to change it. Sometimes they’ll even go as far as to blame you for not warning them about things that they won’t take responsibility to change.

The second kind of person are afraid of what awaits them once their current situation is dealt with. Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest fears out there and one of the most common as well. On the flip side, telling a client that good things are DEFINITELY coming their way can often convince them to stop working for these things. A follow-through of effort to make positive change is not only necessary to ensure that a person doesn’t stagnate, but also just bloody good advice .

One major part of tarot reading is giving people a glimpse of possibilities in their futures. Another is providing them with options as to how to steer their lives in the directions that the client wants to go. There is a fantastic line from the Terminator series of movies that I think more people need to remember.

There Is No Fate.

What this means is that if you refuse to be a victim of the circumstances of your life, you cannot be controlled by them. Even if you are unable to choose the causes of situations in your life, you can still choose how these things affect you. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from my childhood idol, Optimus Prime, it’s this:

Adaptability is the key.

Knowing this, there might be things that clients can’t avoid due to history, unconscious¬† behaviour patterns or simply putting something¬† off for too long. You can’t stop clients from going through some things, but what you CAN do is make sure that they are aware of what’s coming and that there is more than one way that they can deal with it.

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