Significators: Their Uses and Problems

There are a lot of folks that use a significator in their readings in order to clarify who they’re reading for, or alternatively, why they’re doing the reading This card is picked before the actual reading is begun. significators provide a definite focus for the reading and provide context for which the other cards can be read.

In a reading, the significator can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Here, I’m going to take a look at the pluses and the minuses of using significators in a reading.


There is definitely a great opportunity here to figure out a few things before the reading’s even begun. While chatting to the person that you’re reading for, go through the deck and pick out a few cards that you feel would represent the person well. Then, ask them which of those cards they want to represent them. Then, take a look at which card they’ve chosen and ask them about the card. Their choices may be VERY enlightening. There are usually other issues that are brought up in the reading that the person you’re reading for picked the perfect card for.

It puts the person that you’re reading for in a definite place IN the reading. Having something in the reading that you can point to and say “This is you” can cement the idea that everything in the reading is connecting to the person that you’re reading for. Some folks will use some other kind of token, such as a candle or even a crystal, but I find that something that is similar to everything around the significator makes it easier for them to see where everything is in relation to them.

Elementally, having the significator out there in the open can be VERY telling. The elements of the other cards can put otherwise unnoticed issues into focus. Without the significator being there, this aspect of the reading can sometimes be weakened.

It’s apparent that things can cut both ways though. As well as there being some definite advantages, there can be some glaring disadvantages too.


The person that you’re reading for may end up relating too much with the significator and block off all opportunities for any kind of growth. I’ve seen this happen, not just with a reader’s clients, but strangely, more often with readers. I’ve seen people take a few core traits of a card and decide that the card is all that they can be, even if they don’t realise it. All people continually change and having one card to represent them should be explained to be situational at best and in no way represents a permanent state.

Using a card to represent the person that you’re reading for removes that card from popping up elsewhere in the reading and pointing out a situation that needs to be dealt with. Cards have multiple meanings and it can be detrimental to have a card that might have a special message or important information elsewhere locked in the significator position.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons about using significators, so what I’d suggest is use them for some readings and not use them for others. Take note of where you thought the significator was a help, where you thought it was a hindrance and where the significator just didn’t matter. That should be enough of an idea as to whether or not they of use to you.

Alternatively, you could simply shuffle the card back into the deck and see if it DOES pop up elsewhere. If it does, it shows an aspect of a reading that you need to pay particular attention to.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’m thinking that I need to take a rest.

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