Selling your soul: Reading for cash Pt 1.

Pt 1. A Rather Simple Question.

As a tarot reader, I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of spiritually minded people with their own unique gifts and their own viewpoints on all things spiritual. There are a few commonalities though. A common line that I’ve heard many people use in regards to charging for tarot readings is that you shouldn’t accept money for the use of your spiritual gifts, to which I ask this:

Why the hell not?!!

A few common answers are that it cheapens the gift and that if you use the gift for profit, then you will lose it.

Now, I could point out the sheer amount of genuine people making good money from things like psychic fairs and carnivals, but that would be too easy. Instead, I’m going to go through why these reasons aren’t really viable.

It always catches me by surprise when people try and convince me that there is something inherently wrong with the idea of trading cash for services rendered. Let me ask you a question though, why do doctors charge for THEIR services? Using the same logic, doctors shouldn’t charge either as they are HEALERS! What about architects? They are responsible for taking a piece of land and a bit of imagination and turning it into someone’s home. I don’t know about you, but to me, this kind of thing sounds strangely like magick.  Think about it for a moment.

While I understand completely that people have different values, riddle me this: if there is a service rendered, why not charge for your time and effort? All you are doing is trading one form of energy for another, right? I know that there is a lot more than this to the argument, but there are a lot of ideas that are attached to money that really needn’t be there. Money in and of itself cannot be an evil thing. It’s people that make things either good or evil.

As far as losing the gift goes, I can tell you now that you won’t. It isn’t the money that dampens the gift, but greed. Reading solely for the money will make the cash, rather than the client, the focus. When I myself am reading for a client, it is ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT.  Yes, money is involved, but so is time, effort and connecting to another human being. If you are able to connect like that to others, you are not going to make it about the money. Reading for money alone, yeah, THAT will dampen the gift, the same way that reading for the prestige of being able to do something that not many others can do will make it all about your own ego and likewise dampen it. I read for the love of reading. Connecting with people and helping them on their paths.

The answer is simply that you don’t do it for the cash alone. Same as anything else.

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