Elemental Correlations

In the Tarot, the four elements are usually trying to tell the reader more than people initially realise. While the cards do have their individual meanings, card combinations can often provide more nuggets of information than most people seem to pick up on. There are a lot of folks that know how individual card combinations come together in a few contexts, usually by combining the individual card meanings and hoping for the best. There are instances where this can work remarkably well, but these are few and far between. More often than not, a reader will find themselves confused with the mixed message that they’re getting.

Thankfully, rather than try to jam two sometimes contradictory meanings together, there is a way to get a hint at what the cards are trying to emphasise without confusing the initial meaning of the card. The trick is to pay attention to the elements. The way that the elements come together can explain how extreme a card’s effect cam be as well as provide extra insights into the emotions and occasionally, unseen situations that affect what you’re looking at.

For example, let’s look at the centre cards of a Celtic Cross spread. This particular reading is about work possibilities. Although a Significator was used in this spread, as well as a card to represent what covers the Querent and what crosses them, let’s ignore the Significator and go directly to what is covering and crossing the Querent:

The six of Pentacles crossed by Death.

The Six of Pentacles is very much an earthy card that talks about giving to those less fortunate. This card can be either talking about a definite action, or a quality that the querent has developed. In this particular reading, I’m taking it as a character trait that is being highlighted. The card covering it is the thirteenth Major Arcana, Death, which translates into a definite change that cannot be undone, often having life-changing effects. From a simple glance, this would say that this person’s nature is going to lead them into a situation that will have long lasting consequences. One such possibility is joining a charity organisation that takes up more of their time and resources than initially intended, but let’s look at the elements before we go making any calls like that.

The first element to show up is the Earth element, followed by the element of Water. What I get from this is that the act of giving (represented by the six of Pentacles) touches an emotional aspect of the querent (as represented by the Death card). They are giving as a form of self expression for the welfare of others. This is a situation where they feel that they are finally free to give and as a result do so. This provides them with a feeling of power, as they are finally able to give something, rather than holding onto it out of fear. This is going to be a major turning point for this querent.

The message from these two cards alone points strongly in the direction of charity work and stating that it will provide an opportunity for growth that would otherwise go ignored.

With a strong message like that coming from two cards, it seems like the elements are too strong an indicator to ignore when giving a reading.

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