A Method for Giving a Timeframe in a Tarot Reading

Events can be either easy or hard to predict, depending on your reading style, which should go without saying. That being said, it’s not just the what that folks have issues with. One of the biggest pains in the butt can be the when. This is something that more than more than a few tarot readers tend to not focus on all that much, so I thought I’d bring it to light here.

Before I do, I’d like to mention one thing that I think is HIGHLY important. With all things, the outcome of a reading is directly affected by the willingness of a querent to take part in their own future. If someone is wanting something to happen, then some sort of action is needed on the querent’s part as well as a reading. The Tarot reads possibilities, but it is reliant on the world of the querent to make things happen. A querent that isn’t willing to work for something is unlikely (at best) to get it.

So, that being said, down to business.

This is a relatively easy method for picking up on what kind of time-frame you’re working with when giving a reading.

For this technique, it all focuses on the elements (Yes, them again…) and numbers. Remove all the Major Arcana, Aces and Court cards, as these can be fiddly and I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. Shuffle the Minor Arcana up and put down two cards. The first card will tell you whether it’s days, weeks, months or years that you’re working with and the second simply gives you a number (eg 4 of Cups followed by the 6 of Swords will give you 6 months). I’ve seen this done with one card instead of two, but I personally get better readings from two cards.

Fire is an element that is fast paced and tends to occur with little warning, happening as a definite response to what’s happening. Things like lighting a match or for that matter, a stove, happen almost instantaneously, so using Fire to represent days makes sense. Having a Fire card turn up in a reading can also signify that it will happen soon after a querent has decided to put things in motion.

Air is an element that also moves quickly, but isn’t nearly as speedy as Fire, so it makes sense to have the Air cards as weeks. Since this element is also the element of thought, this can often point to the need to plan what’s going on before anything is set in motion.

Water cards are cards that don’t move as fast as the Fire or Air cards, but they do have their own pace. This pace is usually months, although this can also sometimes refer to when you have the right people involved. Best to look at who you have working with you as well as what you’re all working towards.

Earth cards are the ones that take longest, as everything has to go through the other three elements in order to get to it. There is also the possibility that you need to find the right tools to make things happen as well. It will depend on what the querent is asking as to what those tools are, but I think that it really goes without saying.

There you have it. It’s really not hard and it makes figuring out a time-frame for a reading rather simple. Sometime soon, I’ll show you another few ways that you can work with timing and the tarot.

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