3+4=Victory! Short and random thoughts on The Chariot.

How the Emperor and Empress grant Victory

With the Emperor representing the personal drive to get things done and the Empress representing patience and willingness to give what is needed, you have a very interesting balance there.

Patience and vigour

Shiva and Shakti

Masculine drive and feminine drive.

Venus and Mars.

This particular combination of cards reminds us that not all opposites are in conflict with one another, and with these two cards, Empress and Emperor, you have a perfect example of how two seemingly opposing energies can come together to create something amazing. Hidden on the Chariot’s shield is an emblem of union. This is the key: When to opposites come together for a common cause, they are usually able to come together to create something amazing.

Enter: The Chariot. The very emblem of unified opposites pushing toward a common goal.


Take a look at the previous six cards.

Magician(1) and Lovers(6)

High Priestess(2) and Heirophant(5)

Empress(3) and Emperor(4)

If you take look on the Shield of Waite’s Chariot, you’ll see this emblem:

This is a representation of the Yoni and Lingam (female and male sex organs, although probably not to be taken as literal sexual imagery here, folks!) is only one of the many representations of the many combinations of opposites. Sun and Moon. Black and White. Masculine and Feminine.

Something to meditate on.

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