About the site:

The name “Wielding the Tarot” came about as a may of expressing the idea that Tarot isn’t just a bunch of cards that sit on a table to get read, but something that people can actively engage in.

While there are many tarot related sites on the internet, Phillip feels that most seem to be geared toward either the absolute newbie or the hardcore readers of the occult persuasion. There are a few notable exceptions, but they are few and far between.

About Phillip:

Phillip has been using the Tarot for over ten years, first reading professionally in 2002. He has read under both his own name and under his Wiccan name, Fionn. He currently resides in South Australia with his fiancé, as well as more Tarot decks than is recommended by any doctor.

Phillip also enjoys anime, spending time with his son, bushwalking, reading and many things best left unmentioned to strangers…