The Hanged Man

  Upright/Well Dignified: The Hanged Man is that moment before transition. You can’t move forward, nor back. There is no true direction for you at the moment so all you can do is observe the world around you and learn about it, or you can focus inward and learn about yourself. Introspection before moving on […]

Ten of Swords

Upright/Well Dignified: The ten of Swords is not anybody’s friend. I tend to think of it as a “gatekeeper” of sorts. Everything that has happened has come to a head and it has ended pretty disastrously, although that’s not the end of it. The Rider Waite deck shows a man with ten swords in his […]

Using the Minor Arcana to Build a Timeframe.

Ceremonial magicians the world over are more than familiar with the Tarot, many being responsible for the understandings of the cards that folks have today. One of the more interesting things that Tarot has been connected to is the summoning and conversing with of various entities such as angels or deities. Using one particular system […]

Queen of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified: As a person: If you’ve ever met a career-focused lady that won’t let anything get in her way, then you’ve met a Queen of Wands. This is the type of lady that has figured out how to channel her emotional energy into her goals and isn’t often one to let things stand in […]