Five of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: Like the Four of Cups, it seems that the card is pointing out that the full picture isn’t being seen. The figure in the picture is looking down at three spilled cups and dressed as a person in mourning. Rachel Pollack commented in her book 78 Degrees of Wisdom, that sorrow unites the […]

Six of Wands

Upright/Well Defined: The six of Wands is a often a card about celebrating a hard won victory of one sort or another. There’s could have been a struggle, or simply an “aha!” moment and all of a sudden, a great movement forward, but there is still a lot of work to be done if you […]

The Chariot

Upright/Well Dignified: Victory through hard work is one of the key points of this card. When the entirety of a person’s effort is focused on one point, having the Chariot show up means that whatever endeavour that you’re undertaking is going to be a successful one. Yay! It is very much about goal orientation and […]

Eight of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified: The upright Eight of Wands is a card of movement and there is no two ways about it. Whether this movement is mental, physical or emotional, the Eight of Wands means that it’s happening. Usually this will be a rather decisive act, waiting until the time is right and then BOOM! A sudden […]

Four of Disks/Pentacles

Upright/Well Dignified: In every situation, there’s at least one satisfactory outcome that is possible. The Four of Pentacles is letting you know that there is a good chance that there will be at least a satisfying solution coming your way.  This isn’t to say that the solution is a happy one though. Not by a […]

Four of Swords

Upright/Well Dignified: One of the most common occult names for this card is “Rest From Strife” which when you look at the common images of the card, it’s easy to see why. There needs to be a point where you can retreat and either not think about issues for a while, or plan your next […]

Four of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: When the Four of Cups appears in a reading, decisions need to be made but it’s not going to be easy. Not by a long shot. There’s some sort of emotional dissatisfaction that you’ve been trying to ignore. That won’t work. Seriously. You’ve been in a place that’s been comfortable enough, but you’re […]