Upright/Well Dignified: This is definitely a powerful card. This card is often about your animal passions and about sodding well using them. Now folks, don’t misunderstand me about this one. This card can refer to getting your rocks off, but more often it’s about focusing that inner drive, rather than letting it drive you into […]

Prince/Knight of Swords

Upright/Well Dignified: As a person: Have you ever met somebody that can’t stop their mind from jumping from one thing to another? That is one of the biggest signs of a Prince of Swords. This is a mentally agile person who knows¬† what they want and how to get it, as long as they can […]

Five of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified: All fives in the Minor Arcana are showing some sort of less than perfect situation but this one here is the most blunt about it. Aleister Crowley called this card “Strife” and I don’t think that there’s a better word for it a lot of the time. A few niggling things have been […]

A Method for Giving a Timeframe in a Tarot Reading

Events can be either easy or hard to predict, depending on your reading style, which should go without saying. That being said, it’s not just the what that folks have issues with. One of the biggest pains in the butt can be the when. This is something that more than more than a few tarot […]

The Magus/Magician

Upright/Well dignified: The Magus is all about having skill, as well as the self confidence to put it to use. He’s the person that not only can make things happen with the tools at his disposal, but also understands the how as well as the what . When this card shows up in a reading, […]

Queen of Swords

Well Dignified/Upright- As a person: As a person, the Queen of swords is the type of person who seems to know everything. She doesn’t, but if there’s something that she doesn’t know, she knows who to ask. She loves to talk to people about their interests, as she feels that this is a good way […]

Page/Princess of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified– As a person: The Page of Cups is, frankly, a dreamer, but one that has their dreams based in the here and now, rather than some “happily ever after” although this is one person that might achieve that simply due to their passion. This person can be a lover or a fighter, depending […]

The Lovers

Upright/Well dignified: When the Lovers turns up in a reading about relationships, then it’s a pretty solid guess that you probably already know at least part of the story in regards to what the interpretation is. The Lovers is generally a good sign if you’re wanting to be in a relationship with someone. It isn’t […]

Review: The Gilded Tarot

Is it an actual TAROT deck? Yes Suitable for Beginners? Oh so very yes! I wasn’t sure whether or not to add this to my collection of decks. This proves without a doubt that even tarot readers are fallible. It took me over three months of ummming and ahhhing, but I decided to go for […]

Seven of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: So what do you want out of life? This is the card that’s asking you to try to figure it out. It’s a big world and despite how may people feel, there is a place for all of us. This card is the card that tells you to start looking. It’s all about […]